The Library Project is going from strength to strength! In July 2023 they held a reading workshop at Thabakgone Primary School led by Rotarian Ann Luther and the participation and level of knowledge was so pleasing to see. Rotary then donated R2000 worth of new reading books for the eager young learners.


Library Project at Thabakgone Primary School. They held a Youth Library Festival on 23 June 2023 and presented the Library Champions their badges. They look so proud, well done!


School kids planting trees as part of their environmental preservation project at Mathukana Secondary School.


Library Champions training and activities workshop Dec 2022

After the opening of the libraries at Mathukana Secondary School a Library Champions training and activities workshop was held at the beginning of the December holidays.

Libraries officially opened on Friday 23 September 2022

The long-awaited official opening of the libraries situated at Thabakgone Primary School and Mathukana Secondary School in Viking took place on Friday, 23 September 2022. This was the day before Heritage Day and there were many bright traditional garments on display!

Chief Mamabolo attended the official proceedings together with a representative of his Royal Council as well as members of the Traditional Council. He officiated with an address to those present as well as cutting the ribbon to declare the Libraries open.

Both functions were attended by the respective school Principals, selected learners (Library Champions), SGB members, MYCT members, the President, and several Rotary Club of Haenertsburg members.

The Libraries have been equipped with shelving and furniture and stocked by Rotary with donations of books from Stanford Lake College and private citizens.

The Library Champions are three learners from each Grade at each school and they assist the educator in charge of the Library under the guidance of Linah Rakgwale and the MYCT. An offer from Rotarian Heinz Haas to provide badges for these Champions is to be investigated and costs obtained.

At the second function, PDG Maurice Stander handed over the official Certificate for MYCT being chartered as a Rotary Community Corps. (which came from Rotary International).

The way forward is for a third school that is also earmarked for a Library, get the roof repaired and the building itself renovated to be a suitable space for a housing a Library.

The Polokwane Municipal Library is also assisting with mentoring the Librarians and Champions on the effective running of a library.

MYCT have two other project proposals in the pipeline:  a Food Garden and a programme for Youth Leadership Training. Rotary will be involved in these when the time is right – not necessarily with funding, but more with assistance to link supporting companies to the food garden needs and give of their time for leadership training sessions.


Mamabolo Youth Care Group Library

Haenertsburg Rotary has supported the Mamabolo Youth Care Committee with their project to get libraries into local schools. Rotary supplied the furniture and books were sourced from the Humanitarian Centre in Johannesburg and from local people. Chairperson Linah Rakgwala and her committee have been hard at work unpacking and cataloguing books and, most importantly, helping children find books which interest them and developing a love of reading. The principal of Thabakgone Primary School, Nathaniel Mametja, says he can already see an improvement in Grade 7 results as a result of encouraging them to read and research for themselves.

PPs Deneys Barry, Robin Gardner and Ann Luther recently visited the schools (Wednesday, 29 September 2021) and were very impressed with the way the libraries are being run.

Seen in the photo are (L to R) Ann Luther, Robin Gardner, Linah Rakgwala, Elizabeth Ramethape (principal of Mathukana Seconday School), Deneys Barry and Mrs Mamabolo (librarian). Robin Gardner presented Elizabeth Ramethape with a copy of River of Gold – the story of the Limpopo River (co-authored by her husband, Mike)

Some of the pupils from Mathukana posing with books they have borrowed from the library.

Some members of the Mamabolo Youth Care Group attended a Haenertsburg Rotary Club Meeting on Wednesday, 29 September at which a report back of the visit to their respective schools was given to the members. Seen here are L to R: PP Deneys Barry, Johannes, Jerry, Elizabeth Ramethape, Linah Rakgwala, PP Robin Gardner and PP Ann Luther.


A Youth Care Group approached Rotary to assist in establishing a library/resource centre in the Mentz area near ZCC in Limpopo. This facility is to serve two schools in the area - Mathukwane Secondary and Thabagkone Primary and also the greater community where no such facility currently exits.

Furniture and other equipment to start this facility was delivered to the school in the beginning of September 2020.

In November, about 400 books were donated from Stanford Lake College in Haenertsburg. These were for both junior and secondary school learners, covering readers, reference books, text books and instructional and subject books for teacher use.