K2C Cycle Race - a project of Hoedspruit Rotary Club in which Haenertsburg assists on Race Day!

Haenertsburg Rotary Club at K2C Cycle Tour - July 2019

The K2C (Kruger to Canyon) Cycle Tour is one of Hoedspruit Rotary Club’s main annual fundraisers. The Tour begins next to Orpen Gate (KNP) and heads west for 95 kms on challenging bush tracks through a number of private game farms and reserves to the finish at the Swadini resort at the mouth of the Blyde River Canyon. The 100 mountain bike riders travel in peletons of 20, accompanied by a ranger and helpers, as the bush they ride through is occupied by lots of active game, and this provides a unique experience for the riders. Since its inception in 2014, Hoedspruit’s charter sponsor club Haenertsburg has provided the breakfast meal to the riders. The breakfast spot is an hour’s ride from the start on the farm Birmingham, a portion of the Timbavati Reserve, and the first peleton normally arrives at about 6:30 am.

This is what Rose White of Hoedspruit Rotary Club has to say about the tour: “The first official fundraiser for our Club was the Cycle Tour, held in 2014 under the banner of Haenertsburg, as this was before our Club was officially chartered. Haenertsburg’s help in doing the breakfast station on the banks of the Timbavati River has been invaluable. This delicious meal is a highlight for all the cyclists! This very successful event is a highlight on the mountain bike cycling calendar and could not have been done without the help of the Haenertsburg Club. The proceeds raised are donated
to the various game reserves for use in their conservation work, especially anti-poaching.”

The Haenertsburg Rotarians arrive at the spot on Friday afternoon to allow an early start the next morning preparing breakfasts for some 140 riders and support staff.  Of course, the Friday evening is dedicated to some good fellowship with a braai.  Breakfast preparations start before dawn.  The food provided is normally scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage plus slices of fresh avocado and bread rolls, and of course, plenty of coffee, tea and cool drinks.

Some riders setting off after a good meal


The Haenertsburg Crew of 2019


This year, the leftover food was donated to the Timbavati Foundation.

Shelter Box

The Shelter Box came about when a Cornish Rotarian and ex Royal Marine realised the pressing need for the provision of shelter in disaster areas. Having been in such zones, he saw that food always arrived quickly, but people were often left without any shelter.

These wonderful boxes contain everything necessary for a family to live until they can be restored to their homes. The tent is lightweight, easy to erect and can comfortably house up to 10 people. The stove assembles easily and will burn almost anything. Cooking and eating utensils are of high quality stainless steel. The water purifier is simple to operate. The cost of these Shelter Boxes is a mere $1000 and Haenertsburg Rotary Club is proud to have been able to pay for 2.

Shelter Box