Community Police Forum is assisted by Rotary Haenertsburg

In October 2023, a very kind local resident (Pieter Geldenhuys) sourced and donated a breathalyzer unit to Rotary, who had been approached by the Community Police Forum to assist with certain equipment for the use of the local SAPS in their duties. In addition, a Rotarian (Heinz Haas) supplied 3 strong torches (one a donation from him) to add to this effort. In a function held at the local Habibi Restaurant, CPF Chair, Charlie Hartman is seen being handed the breathalyzer by Rotarian Robin Gardner, and the torches by current Rotary President, Keith Patrick.

Charlie Hartman then arranged for the local SAPS to be trained by Tzaneen SAPS on the correct use of the breathalyzer, and the little parade seen below was the culmination of a training session for Haenertsburg SAPS members. Within days, the breathalyzer was successfully used to apprehend drunk drivers outside the village.



Magoebaskloof Ultra Marathon - 19 March 2023


Rotary Haenertsburg members assisted the organisers of the Magoebaskloof Ultra Marathon event held on 19 March,  in the beautiful mountains, lakes and valleys of the Magoebaskloof area. They manned a check point and one member, (Wiam Haddad) ran the 50km!!



The Long Tom Picnic Site is worth a visit!  On the Cheerio road past the Wegraakbosch turnoff.


The Haenertsburg Rotarians have upgraded the Long Tom bomb site (Boer War 1901) at Feeskop hill so that visitors can reflect on the PAST history of the site when the Boers blew up the Long Tom gun to avoid it from falling into the hands of the British. Enjoy the PRESENT by taking in the lovely views of the Haenertsburg mountains and ponder the FUTURE while watching magnificent sunsets!

The Opening function as shown in the gallery below featured Mr Tito Mboweni (former Reserve Bank Governor and Honorary Haenertsburg Rotary Club member) delivering some opening remarks. The official opening speech was delivered by Professor Louis Changuion, historian and renowned author, specialist in the Anglo-Boer War and the history of the Long Tom Guns.



Christmas cheer for social pensioners and community-November 27 2021

Once again, Rotary Haenertsburg organised their annual hand-out of food and good Christmas cheer to social grant pensioners and other local community members. The Haenertsburg SAPS join with Rotary to be visible in the community and to emphasize the promotion of the 16 Days of Activism against women and child abuse. A meal was prepared and they were given containers of pap, chicken stew and butternut, with a cool drink and a packet of biscuits.



Wheelchairs Project

Linking People


Our club applied for and was given a District Grant of $1000.  Together with another 3 clubs in our Region (Region 6 - Limpopo) this grant was combined with their contributions and used to buy wheelchairs through the Wheelchair Foundation in the UK.An order of 110 wheelchairs arrived from the Wheelchair Foundation in October 2019.





Soccer Clinic

Supporting Local Football

The RC of Haenertsburg (D9400), has recently used a District Grant to promote the re-introduction of local football to the rural Magoebaskloof mountain region in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Football matches used to be a major weekend event amongst the mountain’s local community, providing a healthy physical activity for the younger members as well as creating a perfect opportunity for socializing within the community. At its peak, there were up to 21 teams regularly playing in the region, actively supported by the local farmers and businesses.

Unfortunately, football activity on the mountain, until most recently, has ceased to exist, depriving the local community of an important social outlet.

The efforts of Rotary to assist in the restoration of football to the mountain, may be viewed as part of a social development initiative to combat the recent escalation in crime and drugs, through the creation of stronger bonds and cooperation amongst all sectors of the community with the resultant improvement in inter-community communications and the enhancement of security.

Another example of using sport to break down social barriers and creating stronger communities!

The photos below were taken at a soccer clinic run by the Mopani Region SA Football Association. The participants had a most instructive fun day, learning new skills which they will use to assist the local teams in developing their involvement in the soccer scene on the 'mountain'.


Blanket Hand Out Project 2018

Below left : Rotarians Ann Luther (left of banner) and Lana Quinn (right of banner) visited Malesa Crèche on Monday 11 June 2018 and distributed some much needed winter warmth to the little ones. Below right : The social pensioners in Haenertsburg were handed blankets by Rotarian Anne Harman (left) and Lorna Haas a Rotarian spouse.


"Feed the Mountain" Christmas Meal served to social Grant Pensioners and other Recipients

On Monday, 4 December 2017, Rotarians and other volunteers prepared a meal to serve to Social Grant Pensioners and other community members. This event is always supported and attended by the Haenertsburg SAPS who use the opportunity of the gathering to address the crowd regarding the the Victims' Empowerment Unit during the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse. A big thank you to all the sponsors who donated meat and vegetables for the food preparation.

Christmas Hamper Project December 2017 - Local Senior Citizens

Winter Warmer Blanket Handouts - June 2017

Various schools in the local area were visited by a group of Rotarians and the children and other community members given blankets from Rotary to keep away the chills of winter!


Youth Day June 16 Celebrations - Rotary supports Local SAPS Event

On Youth Day, 16 June, the SAPS station at Haenertsburg, organised an event at Spitzkop at which Victim Empowerment and Victom Support information was shared with the community. Rotary assisted with providing food items for the celebrations held. Haenertsburg SAPS provides a safe haven room at their station for members of the community who are victims of abuse. A full time social worker is available to attend to the people who need assistance at the Victim Support Centre. In recognition of the strong bond of cooperation and community involvement with Rotary, Warrant Officer Willie Ifalago visited Haenertsburg Club and presented the current President, Stuart Miller, with a Certificate of Appreciation.



Rotary and Mahindra Light up Lives

Rotary Haenertsburg and Mahindra Polokwane recently joined hands in lightening up the lives of matric pupils at two local rural schools. Rotary SA and Mahindra SA initiated a programme to help pupils study day and night to achieve good results.  Each pupil was given a solar powered lamp and a pencil case with stationery.  Haenertsburg Rotary President, Maria da Silva, told pupils at Makome High School in Segwashe, and Magaedisha High School in Ga-Molepo about the history and aims of Rotary.  Mahindra Polokwane Manager, ZC Hattingh, then explained how the lamps work, told pupils about Mahindra and encouraged them to work hard to achieve their goals. The chairperson of the LCR at each school then thanked Mahindra and Rotary.


Pupils and staff of Magaedisha High School with members of Haenertsburg Rotary and Mahindra Polokwane after matrics were

each given a solar lamp and stationery.

Christmas Hamper Project


This project started with an idea of giving something to the residents of the old age cottages in the village of Haenertsburg. Many years ago, a local restaurant would cater for a Christmas lunch for the residents of the old age cottages and any residents over 70 years old, which Rotary would pay for, and assist with serving and transport. However, it was felt that we as Rotarians were not truly giving of ourselves to these residents, and in 2011 we started with our first Senior Citizens’ Hamper Project. Essentially Rotarians will contribute something which they have baked, but also something which they have funded themselves for these hampers. We also have our regular generous sponsors of eggs, from Wegraakbosch Cheese Farm, Houers(Pty) Ltd for our boxes, Flowers from Colorweis Nursery,and also Bertie van Zyl (Pty) Ltd which give us baby tomatoes for our hampers. Rotarians contributed by donating bottles of wine, dove soap, cream, bottled herbed oil, rusks, shortbread, honey, biscuits, chocolates,homemade jams (with some being contributed by non Rotarians) and much more. We also inserted a copy of our Rotary Africa magazine, where the residents can learn a little more about Rotary in Africa. These hampers are packed during our regular meeting which is on a Wednesday (2/12/2015), and the following day being today (03/12/2015), a number of Rotarians distributed these hampers to our senior citizens. These hampers are generally received in good spirit, and in Jane Moncreiff’ words : “thank you for remembering us.” This is what the project is all about; not whether you are rich or poor, but that you are remembered and cared for as part of our community.



Yummy selection of Christmas goodies that went into each hamper.
Yummy selection of Christmas goodies that went into each hamper.

Left to right : Rtn. Ruth Stuart-Thompson, Senior Citizen Gudrun Kuschke, President Elect Stuart Miller and President Maria de Silva
Left to right : Rtn. Ruth Stuart-Thompson, Senior Citizen Gudrun Kuschke, President Elect Stuart Miller and President Maria da Silva

Rotarians bringing good cheer to the senior citizens of Haenertsburg
Rotarians bringing good cheer to the senior citizens of Haenertsburg



Christmas Hamper project Haenertsburg Village
Christmas Hamper project Haenertsburg Village 2014